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Ethel business plan

University/College: University of Arkansas System
Date: November 15, 2017
Words: 297
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Ethel business plan

Since our target customer are the people inside HOC, and the biggest population belongs to the high school students, who love sweets, we expect that they will love our special munchkins. The name of our business Is “Marketer’s Munchkins” and It Is a Manufacturing form of business. The type of business organization Is a Partnership Type having equal amount of cash or capital contribution. Our Product Munchkin is a mixture of ace biscuits and condensed milk, rolled into small balls, filled with nips or marshmallows then rolled into desiccated coconut or prickled with candy sprinkles.

It’s easy to make and It really tastes good. It’s a perfect treat to share with family and friends especially with your most treasured ones. The only disadvantage Is: prepare to be addicted to It because you’ll surely crave for more. Our target market are the students and staff of Holy Cross College of Carriage. High School and College students ages 13-20, both male and female, and the teaching and non-teaching staff. Our products will be displayed in the Franciscan Lane because students stay there during recess time and free time.

We will use lour ingredients for our product’s coating to get more attention and be easily seen by the prospects. Competitors School Canteen It has a wide variety of snacks for customer’s selection. Students, specially the staff, can get products on credit. But it’s pricing is high because it’s the only store inside the school They will probably be our greatest competitor because they have high quality products and an effective organization. They also sell their product in the Franciscan Lane. Pricing Policy Value-based Pricing We based our prices on the products’ perceived value to a given customer segment.

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