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Cab Service

University/College: University of Arkansas System
Date: November 5, 2017
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Cab Service

Taxi cab service has become very popular now a days. The way it has grown in the market is very commanding. At least one person from a household would have used a cab service in recent times. Most of the things In cab services are advanced In technology wise. One most important thing that many of these cab services Is lacking Is the GAPS tracking. Most of the cab services now are depending on a phone call when they have to track their colleagues. This Is wasting a lot a time and In long time It has Its effect financially also.

When Is there Is no definite track of the cars there Is a to of chances for unnecessary transport of a car due to lack of Information about all the cars. This has an adverse effect on usage of fuel. Now a days customers are having many options to choose a cab service. One search In Google give them Immense options of choosing a cab service. So a cab service representative should be quick enough to get back to the customer about when they are available at the customers place.

GAPS tracking can make life easier by giving quick options to the cab service representative. This is the best alternative for them to speed up their process and make sure customer stays with them. By introducing a GAPS tracking in all the cars it is easy for a cab service representative to find out where all the cars are and when a customer calls them regarding a pick up from a certain location, the representative can give the estimated time to the customer immediately and also inform the nearest driver to go to the pickup location.

This process definitely saves a lot of time for cab service representative, customer and the cab driver. When the information about the location of cab is accurate the most nearest cab can be sent to the pickup location. This will save a lot of fuel for them. Estimated time for the customer to get dropped o his location can also be given to the customer that makes the customer easy to manage his commitments. Our concentration would be more on smaller cab services or also individuals rather than big corporate.

This makes us easy to sell our product as big corporate might have their own infrastructure to introduce this system. We can also create inter dependency between individual drivers by introducing our GAPS tracking device in to their car. There is a bright chance for us to create a common platform for all the individual cab owners which Indirectly helps In the growth of our Infrastructure also. 1. 1 Objectives 1 . Sales of $243,000 In the year 201 5 and $326,000 In the year 2016 2. Gross margin higher than 70 % 3.

Net Income more than 15% of sales by 2017 1. 2 Mission Hitch Automatic solutions Is here to develop and Introduce fast and easy system to manage the taxis and delivery vehicles. We are here to provide efficient and units during the beginning years. 1. 3 Keys to Success 1 . Excellence in fulfilling the promise – completely confidential, reliable, trustworthy, expertise and information. 2. Developing visibility to generate new business leads. 3. Leveraging from a single pool of expertise in to multiple revenue generation opportunities.

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