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Art Of Getting Customers

University/College: University of Arkansas System
Date: November 21, 2017
Words: 673
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Art Of Getting Customers

The Threat Orator offsetting Customariness Customers No matter what product or service you offer, you can use the DICE framework to help locate Take a look at the chart below. In the bottom right corner you have a valuable product or arrive, but it’s not unique, so you always have to compete on price. In the upper left corner, you have a mediocre product or service that’s unique?you own a market that doesn’t exist.

Once you’ve settled on a great product or service, let it bloom. When new, unintended customers use your products in unexpected ways, don’t freak out. Instead, accept this change and be happy that any people are buying your products and using them in any way. In the bottom left corner, you have a mediocre product or service and other companies are doing the same mediocre thing. You want to be in the upper right ornery, where you have a great product that’s also unique. This is the place where margin, money, and history are made.

For example, when I worked for a then-Littleton computer company, we thought Fortune 500 MIS employees should use our device as a database, spreadsheet, and wordiness’s machine. We were zero-for- three there. Luckily, writers, authors, publishers, and designers used our product for desktop publishing, and the company was saved. DICE Framework Very Unique Sweet Spot Mediocrity Compete on Price Valuable Not So Valuable Not So Unique 4 Don’t Worry About Scale?Yet People worry too much about scaling?their ability to expand a business rapidly.

Their thinking goes like this: “l can put in a lot of effort to close a sale now, but what happens when Vive got to handle thousands of customers? ” Or, “l can put tenderloin-care into baking cupcakes now, but what happens when I have 500 stores around the world? ” These shouldn’t be the issues you focus on. Instead, do whatever it takes to close each sale now and to make that one cupcake store successful. If you can’t close one sale or make one location a hit, it won’t matter if you can scale.

Your mantra will act as a guiding light for your employees and set expectations for your customers. Unlike a cumbersome, page-long mission statement, a mantra is three or four words that capture the essence of your business and the positive impact it can have on customers and the world. Product unique, extend them into ideas that can serve as your mantra. For example, if your e-commerce business sells high-end cosmetics at an affordable price, your mantra might be “Make everyone beautiful. ” Start with the benefits people receive from using your product or service.

In the online world, an obvious example is CAPTOR a security step in the registration process that forces people to prove they are not bots before they can sign up for an account. The problem is that CAPTOR usually takes three or four attempts to get it right, and that throws up a hurdle for potential customers who might want to do business with you. Here’s a good example of removing obstacles: Rather than making you go over the speed bump of setting up an appointment, one soleplate company asks you for your home address and then looks you up on a satellite photo to create an estimate.

What speed bumps can you remove to deliver a smooth customer nonbinding experience? If you’re in the food business, offer free samples. If you’re in the dry-cleaning business, clean a garment or two for free. If you’re in the software business, let people use your app for a few weeks before they have to pay for it. If you’re in the car business, let people drive your cars for more than a block. OPEN Forum: Forum: The Art of of Getting 8 Take the High Road If you want to win customers, take the high, optimistic, and generous road.

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