Book Analysis: Song of a Hummingbird

In the novel, “Song of a Hummingbird” by Gracie Limb¶n talks about how Whittling recounts events about the Aztec, her life before and after the Spanish conquest of M execs.

Whittling truly never convert to Catholicism because she never follows the Catholic ways yet she follows her Aztec ways like referring to her gods while Father Bonito tell her god s are evil unlike God who Is the savior of all the natives In Mexico, Hellenizing truly doesn’t convert to Catholicism because she was forced by the Spanish to abandon her religion, culture s and many other things that made her be, she was Baptist with another name that she bell stole her identity and of who she was before the Conquest, and finally Whittling feel inning towards the Spanish of robbing her of everything she ever had.

Whittling Is forced to convert to Catholicism yet she truly doesn’t convert to Catholicism because her religion and culture are the ones that are In her heart and s he stay true to her Aztec roots. For example, “Along with her people, she experienced being f Orca deed to discard her traditional dress and to take up strange garments: to change her name to speak a language foreign to her tongue; to forsake her ancestral gods; and in the end , to be part of the Diaspora off once great civilization. “(pig. ) Whittling faces the hard cruel reality of abandoning her cultural, roots, religion and she was forced by the white men to cons ret to Catholicism yet she doesn’t convert truly she still talk with her native language, talks t o Father Bonito about her gods were Important. Also, her confession she state that she truly c invert to When Father Bonito talks to Whittling he ask about what her true Catholic name is ND she reply “Maria” yet she feels that name was given was a name that was stealing identity that she was put by someone else. For example, “Tell me, then, what is your r name? The woman’s face whipped around to face him and, realizing what she was a bout to say, he countered. “No! Not the bird name! I want to know your Christian name. Maria De Bell©n. “(pig. 61). By this Whittling shows that her identity was stolen by someone else because that was the name she was given when Catholic priest baptized her in the n name of God and others at the sometime. Whittling doesn’t convert to Catholicism because s he feels that the name she was given was forced upon her by someone else and prefers that Father Bonito call her Hummingbird.

Whittling truly never converts to Catholicism because she was robbed of everything she ever had. For example,” You mean you have to make sure that I been robbed of everything, even my name. “(pig. 62). This shows how Whittling truly never converts to Catholicism because she is talking to Father Bonito about how she was robbed of eve retying she own especially the only thing that made her which is her name. Father Bonito rag uses that everything is not stole but yet was a blessing to her people because they were baptize deed in the name of God and the crown of Spain.

In addition, “Song of a Hummingbird”, by Gracie Limo talks about how the story of Whittling and the Conquest never truly made her change her religion and convert t Catholicism. This shows how Whittling doesn’t convert yet shows how the important e of her roots were more important of those to the white men. Whittling shows how the whit e men stole everything and forced her and the natives to convert to Catholicism yet you can