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Writing Captivating Efficient Narrative Essay

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narrative essay uk picturePerhaps the most frequent type of essays assigned to high-school students is the Narrative Essay. When creating it, the author is to write about a certain event of his life and write about it using all his linguistic skills. Surely, there are interesting experiences and memorable events happening in everyone’s life, yet to remember them and to be able to write about them is not the same. For having an efficient result, students have to adhere to a concrete structure and rules.

The Essence of Narrative Essays

What is narrative essay writing? This can be otherwise understood as illustrating a story. The story is to be delivered from the author’s standpoint. To get the audience thoroughly engrossed in the text, it’s important to use a vivid language. The personal experiences of the author should be presented through accurately chosen words and sentence structures. The readers should see, smell and feel what the writer did. As a rule, the main point of the entire paper is to be revealed either through the opening sentence or at the end of your first passage. The correct structure is quite simple. It should have a good plot, unique characters, an effective setting, a logical climax with a respective end.

Writing Narrative Essay

Narrative essay writing demands a careful approach. Before you make the first draft, it’s important to select the right topic. Your story should be based on two components – the story and its analysis. Regardless the fact, that the work is to be about you, pick up a topic that will also carry a certain kind of morality. Based on the story you chose, it can lead to the problem of the lack of respect and understanding between people, unrequited love, the relationships between generations, etc.

However, make sure the plot of your story is manageable. It must be filled with captivating and thrilling details that can be easily described. After you have picked the right topic, it’s high time to pass on drafting it.

Make an outline. Recall the date, or at least the month or season of the occasion. Recall the smells and feelings you experienced to pass them to your readers. Don’t forget about the people which relating to the event. Describe all the important characters of your story in an accurate way. Your protagonist (the main character, i.e. you) and the antagonist (the bad character – person, situation, problem, etc.) are to be defined well.

You need to mentally be transported into the past and recall all the details that may make your writing even more effective.

It’s recommended to use the first person in writing. Yet, the third person is acceptable, too depending on the story’s plot.

Surely, the story should be real, yet it’s definitely to “color” it a bit. In the long run, it’s intended to be read by real people. A narrative essay is rather a fiction type work than informative one.

So, once you are done with the writing process, proofread and edit it. Make the changes is you find they’ll help to attract your readers more. And remember, when you’ll be presenting it in front of your class, don’t panic. Whatever the reactions are, you can use them to your benefit. Use all the feedback you get to improve your further essays.

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