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Writing a Reflective Essay

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Essay writing might be a pleasant activity only if you possess outstanding writing skills. To compose a literary work based on specific themes can be difficult for students who have never done such before. There’s a higher form of difficulty for those who don’t know the difference between a personal essay and, say a reflective essay. But with proper guidance and tips, everyone can learn and understand the pros and cons associated with writing this type of essay.

What is a reflective essay?

To reflect means to think about something carefully and thoroughly. Reflective essay is the category of written work that outlines impact of the writer’s experiences or occurrences on the life of writer himself. In contrast to a personal write-up, where a student can speak about someone else, the reflective composition structure focuses solely on the writer. This type of essay can feature variations based on its target reader population. A good number of reflective essay examples can be found in magazines and journals, but few are also written under academic work. It’s like thinking out loud, though on a paper this time around.

How do I start writing such an essay?

It’s totally okay to be lost when attempting a new task for the first time. At times teachers tend to leave the process for students, without specifying what type of experiences or life’s occurrences the student must write about. A lot of reflective essay topics can be found on the internet or in books and journals. The student can also get to choose topic that appeals to his perception. In instances where the theme is chosen beforehand by teacher, students should follow without disobeying. Also, a good number of reflective essay templates can be found on our site.

Laying foundations

Foremost thing to prepare is a reflective essay structure. Structure of any write-up, academic or not is the determining factor of excellence of that write-up. Depending on topic given to the student, the length of write-up can be estimated from the start. The usual format on which essays are composed consists of

  • An opening paragraph
  • Body (several paragraphs).
  • Closing paragraph.

At WritersPeak, we pride ourselves on being one of the best UK essay writing service companies, and we are glad to share this knowledge with you. We will now talk about each part mentioned in more detail.

Opening paragraph

The opening paragraph should contain several sentences that point to general ideas about the influence of reflection, for instance on the human mind. Here, the student should endeavor to outline his thoughts and assertions about reflecting on certain things. The opening paragraph is like the start of nurture for any idea, in this case, it’s like reflective essay nursing. Vague sentences might help but should relate to the idea at hand. A quote, a saying or a wise remark can be a very good way to start such a paragraph.

Body of the text

The body of written composition is one of the most important parts of task written. This is because every main idea gets to be explained even further and the reader or teacher gets to understand the main concept of the write-up. The body is usually made up of several paragraphs, which in this type of composition are dedicated to certain lessons learned from writer’s experience or life events.

There are a few things a student should note when writing the body of a reflective write-up:

  • One paragraph to one idea: In order to make reading easy for any type of audience, it is advisable to explain one idea in every paragraph. When ideas are jumbled up in one paragraph, it makes for difficult reading. A written composition that’s difficult to read gets poorly graded by teachers and is less interesting to read if picked by an outsider.
  • Your spelling/punctuation/grammar: As the writer, it is essential to pay attention to little discrepancies like difference in spelling for either British or American English. It is also important to consider proper indications of where sentences start and end, where a semi-colon should be instead of a colon, etc. This is mandatory even when writing a research paper in UK.

Another aspect to prioritize would be the use of proper tenses where needed and the use of direct or indirect speech, as the need arises. We often get complaints from non-English students who have difficulties in understanding where their errors lie. We often tell them to use an online spelling and grammar checker to clear their doubts.

  • Avoid using words that will create an air of uncertainty. A good reflective essay example is always specific about its point.
  • All facts should be backed up with the necessary references and in-text citations if required.

Closing paragraph

The conclusion of a reflective composition can point to what the writer intends to do with the lessons learned or principles acquired from particular experience or personal event that was described. The conclusion should not deviate from the main idea, and it should sum up whole write-up perfectly.

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