The Proper Essay Format in UK

essay format in the UKThe essay is the most ordinary academic assignment type every student has to face quite frequently during his entire study. Later, the skills obtained while improving your essay writing ability will help in any office work. But now, as long as you are a student yet, you need to master the standard format of essays to manage to complete a quality piece of writing. Here is the proper essay format in UK, adhere to it and improve your writing.

Formatting an Essay

The standard essay format UK involves only five paragraphs and three parts. As a rule, writing work should begin with an introduction, then develop into a body and finally end with a conclusion. The first and the last sections, i.e. the introduction and the conclusion each have only one paragraph, while the rest three ones are to be devoted to the body of the work. That’s the right essay format UK, as well as USA and European universities and colleges accept. Surely, there can be cases when the essay format may be somewhat different, appear longer than mentioned, yet these are rare cases and different assignments.
So, here is the basic UK essay format you need to be well acquainted with:


The first part of an essay format is the introduction. This is the opening of your work, hence should convey the main idea of the entire work. What is it going to be about? What methods are going to be used? The introduction should give a brief yet informative idea of the paper’s matter; include the thesis statement and a good link to the first point that will be discussed in the body. Additionally, unless you are asked to write your opinion (a narrative type), use the third-person in the narrative. Here passive voice sentences are as a rule predominating.

The Essay Body

The second and main part of an essay format is the body. The standard body is composed of only three paragraphs each presenting one point, yet in case you’ve been assigned to write an essay with more points and more words, the number of body paragraphs may change. Accordingly, the essay format may change a bit depending on the task.
Anyway, the basic format of an essay body involves three paragraphs, each of which should be linked to the next one and the central argument. It’s highly crucial to never veer from the main point of the work. Therefore, while writing your work, keep on looking back to make sure you are sticking to the main argument.
Additionally, every point you make should be backed with a solid evidence. This can be extracted from as a scholarly text so from a primary source. Experienced writers recommend using the strongest argument in the second paragraph of the text, the weaker argument is to be presented in the first paragraph, while the weakest one is to be left for the third paragraph.


The conclusion is the third and final part of a paper. By successfully completing this part, you can consider your UK essay format fulfilled.
So, a conclusion can be accepted as a summary of the thesis statement and all the major points brought in the body, plus the mentioning that the thesis statement was proved and the personal opinion of the writer concerning the matter. From a skillfully written UK essay format example, we can see that the writer can also suggest further investigation and work related to the topic based on the fact, the paper was too short to convey all important facts.

Essay Writing Service in the UK

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