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What Persuasive Essay Topics to Choose and How to Write it

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Have you ever dreamed of becoming a lawyer? If you haven’t, you will have such opportunity in the nearest time because the whole process of crafting a persuasive essay is similar to trial or a court battle. The author can be either “for” or “against”. His duty is to give as many arguments as possible to win the issue and to convince the audience to accept a particular point of view.
To have a rich store of solid arguments, writer needs to perform detailed research on both sides of a topic. Pretending to give only one correct point of view, qualitative essay also gives reasons why the opposite opinion is incorrect.

Persuasive writing has a strong connection with social modernity. It can be found in magazines, newspapers, advertising, blogs, and political speeches. The main task of each persuasive writing assignment is to offer a possible solution of a contemporary issue and to give as many arguments to convince an audience.

Easy persuasive essay writing tutorial

  1. Prewriting
    During this phase, an author should plan every forward step of his future piece of writing. At the beginning, you have to decide, will you be for or against solving an issue. To write a compelling persuasive essay, writer has to be aware of reader’s perspective.The next important step is research. Persuasive essay depends on evidence. Don’t take a whole list of arguments from a single source. Take various facts from multiple websites and materials. The following step is organizing your persuasive essay: It goes without saying, that persuasive essay, just as any other type, consists of three parts: introductory part with a hook for grabbing reader’s attention and thesis with a core issue, main part (each paragraph must provide a piece of evidence), and conclusion.
  2. Drafting
    Every piece of writing among all persuasive essay examples has an introductory paragraph starting with a strong “hook” which aims to grab the reader’s attention for a couple of hours. It can be an unusual fact or statistic, a question, quote or an emphatic statement. For instance: “Driving a car while communicating via mobile phone, even hands-free, is equal to driving intoxicated by alcohol.” The key goal of a thesis statement is to make others leave no doubts about the writer’s position.

    The main part (body) should be divided into separate paragraphs with different evidence. And they must be well-augmented by statistics, facts. relevant citations, and real-life examples. A secret to good paragraph writing is to come up with unique ways to create the argument with the use of a parallel, comparisons, or illustration of hypothetical situation (e.g., what if, suppose that…).
    Provide a background information, give an explanation of terminology. Your readers can’t be ready for that peculiar knowledge you want to give them. Your text must contain a strong point of view but to be easy to perceive.
    A concluding part should gather all core arguments into the one core evidence and push the reader to adopt a particular point of view. Final sentence can be a dramatic means, a prediction that requires immediate action, an issue that leads readers to think actively about the problem, or a recommendation that gives readers specific ideas about what they can do.
  3. Revising
    In revision phase, students review and reorganize their work in order to make it as effective as possible. Once the thesis presents a well-grounded argument with a clear adversarial thought, the rest of the essay-formation should be easily to come up with.
  4. Editing
    Even if the completed essay looks perfect initially, during a check your professor might notice tiny mistakes. For instance, you missed comma or lost double “mm” in a word “swimming”. One grammar error can cause dissatisfied reviews. While proofreading, do your best to correct all mistakes and edit to improve style.

Persuasive essay ideas

Sometimes it’s quite difficult to make your brain create a topic for a persuasive essay. Here you can find ten ideas relevant to today’s society. But, don’t forget that the idea, this is just a beginning.

  1. Should marijuana be legal for medicinal purposes?
  2. Give your point of view about replacing of student’s textbooks by laptops or tablets.
  3. Is serving french-fries and fried potato products to students at lunch wrong?
  4. Should girls be allowed to play on boys sports teams?
  5. Should cities offer free public Wi-Fi?
  6. Express your thoughts about keeping exotic animals like chimpanzees or python at home.
  7. Should sexual education be taught in public schools?
  8. Should everyone under the age of 17 have a 9:00 PM curfew?
  9. Should children who commit violent crimes be tried as adults?
  10. Is it necessary for teachers to wear uniforms or have a dress code?

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