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How to start a persuasive essay in a few steps

how to start a persuasive essayThe persuasive essay is a small piece of prose of the free composition, that shows a private point of view in relation to a chosen topic.

Due to its popularity, now the essay has an extremely wide classification. In the first place, they differ in terms of content, literary form and the purpose with which it is written.

General essay characteristics:

  1. There is just one necessary “formal” feature – the title.
  2. The presence of a specific theme or question. A work that covers several topics is not an essay.
  3. The argumentation may precede the wording of the problem and the setting of the problem can coincide with the final conclusion.
  4. Unlike the precise, which can be addressed to any reader, the essay is a replica that is addressed to readers, who understand what is being discussed. This helps the author to concentrate on the disclosure of something new and not to cover the presentment of the theme with details.
  5. Although the internal structure of your composition may be free, there is a standard essay writing plan. the introduction – outline of the topic; the main part – its disclosure; the conclusion – the result of all the above.

Which features does the persuasive essay own?

A persuasive essay includes a personal and subjective work that reflects one option, one perspective about the topic. In contradistinction to an argumentative essay, this type should not contain the counterargument. If you have never written such an work before or you want to improve your skills, there are a few steps that will help you to start writing great persuasive essays:

Define a specific topic

It is an obligatory element in the essay. The work devoted to the analysis of a wide range of problems is not an essay. Try to narrow your theme as much as possible in order to fully disclose your position on it. Remember, that you have a limited volume of work, as the essay should be short but accurate. If the topic is too broad, it will make you lost in thoughts.

Determine your position

A persuasive essay expresses one exact position of the author, before starting to write it, give yourself an answer to the following questions: “Why this issue is important to me or to the others?” and “How could I solve this issue?”. This will lead you to the final thesis of your paper.

Put down supportive proofs

Make a list of reasons that may confirm your choice. It should contain convincing evidence, that can be based on emotional conditions, not necessarily giving very substantiated facts. Don’t be afraid of adding even crazy statements: by combining normal and extraordinary ones you can become the perfect match.

Select approximately 3 most suitable occasions

Each of them has to reinforce your position from different perspectives. So try to choose a few of the best examples to disclose them to the maximum.

Create a general sample of your main thesis

This short draft should consist of the topic wording and setting your own angle. Try to keep this statement near to you during the whole process of the paper writing in order to not to get confused. At this step, it may be the very approximate plan as you can change your mind through you are working on the essay.

Write a plan for your future masterpiece

Internal semantic unity is important. It seems to be a paradox, right? Despite the freedom of the composition and the tendency towards subjectivity, the essay should contain the consistency of key arguments, associations and those statements that demonstrate the author opinion. Thus before starting the persuasive essay, you have to define the clear subject, the desired work volume, and the purpose of each paragraph in the plan. Mainly, students use the standard five-section structure with two paragraphs for introduction and conclusion and another three for three convincing evidences.

Finally, you can start writing your perfect persuasive essay. Try to capture the attention of the readers immediately by using a vivid phrase or unusual statement right at the beginning of the work.
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