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Top 10 tips for catchy essay titles

July 4, 2018

The essay is a prosaic work of a small size and a free structure that expresses the individual impressions and thoughts of the author on a particular occasion and does not claim to an exhaustive interpretation of a particular subject. The purpose of this written work […]

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5 Steps in Writing a Research Paper

June 26, 2018

Writing a research paper may seem very challenging, especially if studying under the rigorous curriculum. People don’t realize all of the steps they need to go through as well as lack the knowledge in regards to all of the requirements. There are various tips to […]

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Why Awarding University Subject Gold Medals Is Wrong?

June 21, 2018

In its entity, the government’s teaching excellence (Tef) was created to measure the ultimate quality of teaching in each academic discipline at the universities of the matter. Such an approach functions to assist students in determining the study preferences, incentives, and make the universities more […]

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How to Structure a Dissertation

June 11, 2018

Every academic institution has different requirements in regards to writing a dissertation, including its structure. Because of such a fact, it makes a perfect sense to investigate whether your studying place abides by the general trends of curriculums all across the world. Nevertheless, there are some things […]

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Writing a Ph.D. Thesis Structure Easily

May 30, 2018

Without a doubt, every single student in the Western-like academic institution has to write an essay at some point in time. Even though the process may sound fairly simple after the first-hand analysis, it’s actually more complicated than the average student may think. Every single […]

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Tips for Writing a Ph.D. Thesis

May 22, 2018

Writing a Ph.D. dissertation is a highly responsible, laborious and time-consuming activity which is not always possible to implement without a professional assistance. And if you have faced the urge to write one, you will definitely find the following tips for writing a Ph.D. thesis […]

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How to Write a List in an Essay?

May 17, 2018

When undergoing a process of writing an academic essay, a student may face the need to use a specific style, matching the requirements and guidelines set by the professor. By all the means, it’s absolutely crucial to abide by all of the rules and not […]

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How to Write an Essay Conclusion?

May 14, 2018

Without doubts, writing an essay is an essential part of the academic process for all the obvious reasons: teaching the students expressing themselves well on paper as well as evaluating the thought process in the academic terms. Although, as it always happens, some of the […]

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How many references do you need in a 1500 words essay?

May 10, 2018

An essay writing is an independent written work either on a topic proposed by a teacher of the relevant discipline or independently selected by a student on the definite subject. The purpose of writing an essay is to develop personal skills on applying creative approach, […]

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How to Write an Essay in English

April 26, 2018

Essay writing is a mandatory part of an academic life. This is a task you can never escape as long as you’re a high school or university student. Afterward, when you’re already building your career, you’ll recollect all the essay assignments and the time you […]

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Discursive Essay Writing Rules

April 23, 2018

Students often enjoy talking about certain issues that have a distinctive impact on the world. Global warming, wars, politics, and social issues – all these can catch attention of anyone willing to raise a discussion. Nevertheless, writing on such controversial topics is way harder than […]

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