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How to write Compare and Contrast Essay

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compare and contrast essay photoEssay writing is an essential element of the academic study. It needs not only decent writing skills and analytical thinking but also the capability to make deep research. Depending on the essay type, this paper form has diverse purposes, yet the structure remains the same. Nevertheless, this type of essays is generally assigned to university students.

What Compare and Contrast Essay Is

A compare and contrast essay evaluates the resemblance and dissimilarities between two certain aspects (occasions, books, people, products, etc.). Besides indicating in what aspects those two subjects are alike or various, this work also discloses a deep and consequential argument about them. It requests to state something new and unknown, show and prove that one issue is better than the other, lead to new understanding and use supported facts in arguing a point.
And if at first sight, you may think the work is too complicated for you to complete, after looking at this concise but educative article about the compare and contrast essay structure, you’ll to write a wonderful compare and contrast essay!


The structure of this work is of two types: point-by-point and block. Both of them presume a peculiar point – at least 3 aspects of the contrast between the objects must be mentioned. Let’s consider each type individually:

Point-by-Point Structure

Point-by-point structure of this essay implies indicating one similarity/dissimilarity of one subject and then follow with the difference or similarity of the other subject. The major benefit of this type is that readers get a clearer view of the work, and the similarities/dissimilarities are stated most accurately. Here is the outline of this structure:

  1. Introduction
  2. Body (1st, 2nd, and 3rd similarities/dissimilarities)
  3. Conclusion

Block Structure

When selecting the block structure for your essay, you’ll be obliged to point all the info about one subject and then write about the second subject. The greatest advantage of this essay type is the easiness of the writing process. Your work is much more straightforward when picking right this structure type.

Tips of Writing Compare-and-Contrast Essay

Make sure that each part of the body includes at least two details to consider. The Introduction part of the paper is to be composed of three points: introducing the major topic, specifying the subjects, and giving the thesis statement. The latter is to give the major ideas within the work. What refers the conclusion, it shouldn’t be a copy or a rewrite of the introduction. After summarizing the main points, you need to provide evaluation and future development ideas. In the end, state how significant your research was.
Examining a compare and contrast essay example, you are sure to notice there are certain words and expressions typical particularly to this type of essay. Expressions utilized for correlating the objects are:

  • both…and
  • likewise
  • to be alike
  • similar to
  • just like
  • neither… nor
  • to be the same as

Words used for comparing objects are:

  • in contrast
  • to be unlike
  • whereas
  • in/by comparison to
  • while
  • on the other hand
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