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How to Write an Essay in English

Essay writing is a mandatory part of an academic life. This is a task you can never escape as long as you’re a high school or university student. Afterward, when you’re already building your career, you’ll recollect all the essay assignments and the time you had to spend on preparing them with gratitude. And if you have faced the commitment to write a good essay, we shall try to give you a brief yet detailed guidance. Remember that even if Shakespeare once said that the pen is mightier than the sword, this will be true only when in hands of a literate and skillful writer. Would you like to be one? We will find out how to write an essay in English.

Essay Types

As you most probably already know, there are four main essay types that we can differentiate. These are the expository, analytical, persuasive, and argumentative. Depending on the a type you are assigned, it may require a different approach.

  • A narrative essay presumes to tell about a real-life situation or event. The key here is to write in a manner that will involve the reader in it. Here writers are to use the first person narrative so that the readers feel as if a part of the story.
  • The next most widely assigned essay type is the descriptive paper. The latter should be written with colorful words and sensory details that can best represent the picture you want in words. If you manage to create a descriptive essay your readers will see, smell, hear and feel what you wanted them to, then you are a success!
  • In case you are to perform an expository essay, remember to switch off your emotions and opinions and just get to facts. Whether it’s a compare and contrast, a “how”, or a cause and effect expository essay, you are only to state the examples, facts, and statistics. By all means avoid ever using the first person when you write an essay in English of expository type.
  • And the last type of essays that you might be assigned during your academic education is the persuasive essay. The latter has some similarities with the expository type majorly in stating facts and examples. Yet, here you also have to convince your readers in your view. This should be done through sound reasoning, facts and logic, and, of course, expert opinions and examples.

Essay Structure

Now it’s time we refer the matter how to write about structure in an English essay. Irrespective of the type you are to perform, the structure remains the same. The paper is to be started with an introduction. The aim of this part is to deliver your position to your readers. If you are writing an argumentative essay, you must involve the argument into the introduction. The introduction is also to include the so-called “hook” – a sentence that attracts the readers to go on. The readers must get a clear idea what they can expect from the work.
Next comes the body. This section is generally composed of three parts, yet, in rare cases when you may be assigned a long paper, you may be required to make up five ones. If you want to learn how to write an essay in English effectively, you need to learn how to build a really captivating body. The strongest argument or most impressive example (determined by the essay type) you have is to be stated in the first body paragraph. The weakest one is to be included in the second paragraph, while the second strongest one is to sum up the body.
And the last comes the conclusion. The latter must present the restatement of the thesis, the general summary and the outcome of the entire paper.

Ordering Essays

Nevertheless, if you still can’t make out how to prepare a really good work, it’s worth to consider applying to a fast custom essay writing service. Here you can hope for help with writing a thesis, a research paper, a term paper and, of course, an essay. These services deal with exceptionally native American or British writers who have Bachelor’s, Mater’s or even Ph.D. degrees and an impressive experience in the field. A reliable and prominent essay writing service in UK provides papers within the shortest deadlines and at sensible prices.

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