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How to Write an Essay in a Day

How to Write an Essay in a DayNo matter how determined you may be, writing an essay in a day is definitely a stressful activity. You should take into account such aspects as the necessary number of words, the best sources to cite and the right citation format, the solid arguments and evidences. However, by approaching the task smartly, even a day will be totally enough to write an A+ worth essay.

Getting Prepared

Is it possible to write an essay in a day? Definitely yes as long as you paln everything beforehand. Around 25% of the whole time should be devoted to planning and researching. Prior to starting to write, make notes and gather quotes to use in the essay. Look in online articles, book reviews, CliffNotes.
Depending on the essay type assigned, you may have to think of a story or find some arguments to support your thesis. Do this in this phase and you’ll manage to finish the essay in a day.

Formulating the Thesis and Preparing the Body

A strong thesis statement is the core of a successfully written essay. This is your argument concerning the topic presented in one and concise sentence. If you prove it, you are a success.
Before you start to write your essay the day before you are to submit it, it’s better to create a scheme. Write down the arguments that will later form your essay body paragraphs. Here is the scheme for each body paragraph:

  • Strong point;
  • Introduction;
  • Examples;
  • Explanation;
  • Conclusion tying to the thesis statement;
  • Transition.

Writing the Essay

Now when you have prepared everything to write an essay in a day, pass on to work. Remember the standard essay format that involves the conclusion, the body composed of three paragraphs and respectively three arguments, and the conclusion. Be certain, a single day will be enough to compose all the parts of an ordinary essay.

Start with the Body

Start writing the essay from its body. Every essay body paragraph should start with a topic sentence that clearly states what it’s going to support and prove. Supply the argument with enough evidence and examples. The final sentence should summarize the paragraph and link it to the next one. Remember to keep track of the thesis statement and write all essay body paragraphs to its support. Additionally, use your strongest argument in the first paragraph, the second strongest argument in the last paragraph and leave the weakest one for the middle paragraph. Write according to this principle, and you will easily manage to end the essay in a day.

Go On with the Introduction

Once you have made your essay body, there is little left to write till the end of the day. Pass on to the introduction. As you have already written the thesis statement in your draft, there is little left to add. Spend the first couple of sentences on introducing the topic or the subject of the essay. Then write the thesis. Devote the last sentence of your essay introduction on transiting to your first argument.

End with the Conclusion

Remember that the conclusion is your last chance to convince your audience of the rightness of your arguments. One or maximum two sentences are to be written about the subject of the essay. Then the thesis statement is to be restated, yet not rewritten. Just reformulate it. End the conclusion by reminding the audience reading your essay of the most compelling evidence you have brought in the essay.

Ordering Custom-Written Essays

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