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How To Write a Speech

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If you find that speech writing is a nail-biting activity, you should unconditionally read this article carefully. Here you will get to know how to start and end a speech writing, what to pay close attention to, what tactic to adopt so that the final result is phenomenal! It won’t be a simple task. Forget about all the speech writing samples which claim to teach you great speech writing in five minutes – you are not a professional, hence you need to devote as much time and efforts as it may be required.


Prior to starting the work, it’s crucial to create a brief outline of your future speech. For this, consider answering the main issues including your audience, the aim of your work and its content, as well as how long will be given to you for the presentation. Be sure, this short outline will assist you immensely.

Important Aspects

Before we start writing a speech, it will be great to consider some really important aspects. Initially, remember that an imposing speech should not be presented from the speaker’s viewpoint. Then, take into account the type of your audience, the language tone to select. In English, we can differentiate five-cent and five-dollar words. The first is ordinary ones we use in our everyday life, while the latter can be difficult to comprehend by the majority of your public. So, in speech writing, it’s definitely better to give your preference to five-cent words. Additionally, by all means, avoid long sentences. They are difficult to comprehend and you will unconditionally risk losing your audience. And the last, remember that speech writing is the preparation for an oral presentation. Therefore, write what you’re going to show, tell or explain to the public. In the end, it will, by all means, be presented orally.
However, if it’s the first time you are to write a speech, you may find it too complicated to fulfill. A reputable writing service will make it in a timely and responsible manner. A report of a plagiarism checker, meanwhile, will ensure you it’s an original piece of writing.

Speech Structure

In fact, the structure of a speech is as easy as that of an ordinary essay. It includes an introduction or opening, body, and conclusion or ending. For you to imagine it even easier, picture this structure as a cake. The introduction and conclusion are the baked pieces that are combined with the creamy filling – the speech’s body. What you want to serve your audience as the cake filling is up to you. Yet it must be tasty, the upper cake part should be appetizing while the bottom piece of cake should make the audience want more.

Writing the Speech Body

Start speech writing with the body. To make it easier, create a typical person that will represent your audience in your imagination. Consider what he would anticipate from it, what can make an impact on him so that he is pleased your result. It’s not obligatory to write down all the stuff you desire to deliver to your audience. Instead, mention the logical order of your ideas. If you have made a research on your work theme, make sure you bring forward a couple of points.

All ideas you state must be linked logically. There should be a pathway between each idea that will connect them for the audience. Additionally, conclude every idea with a little summary. An interesting “catch-up” will do well, too. It can serve as the link itself.

Writing the Speech Ending

In writing a good speech, you should make certain your ending is remarkable and will remain in listeners’ memories. Besides summarizing the major aspects, it should present a call to action. To comprehend what will become that ideal call to action, have a look at your outline. You must have written answers to the issues mentioned in it. Now, it’s time to use the answer to the question “what’s the goal of your speech writing”. Perhaps your work is to inspire and motivate, deliver information or persuade to a certain view, celebrate an occasion or salute a person, etc. When writing a persuasive speech, its ending should be a respective one and include a call to act immediately, just after the work is over.

Writing The Speech Introduction

Only when the body and conclusion of your work writing are ready, you can pass to the most significant part – the introduction. It’s especially this part that determines whether your audience will listen to you up to the end or feel compelled to endure it. An ideal opening of a speech is that which makes people forget about their unpaid bills, their family and workplace problems, the uncomfortable chairs or the wind that blows straight to their backs, and become entirely engaged into your work. Writing speech presumes to grab the attention of your audience. For this, there are several methods. You can show a humorous approach, a formal/informal approach, or perhaps you are going to shock the listeners with some statistics. The choice is determined by your topic, the aim, and the audience it is written for.

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