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How to write a dissertation literature review

A literature review is a vital part of a dissertation structure, and it appears at the start. It provides the reader with a summary of the content published on your topic. It is a critical assessment of the sources you have gathered that are aimed at identifying the gap in the published works of literature.
Although some may argue that a dissertation literature review mainly focuses on outlining a summary of the important sources, an A+ dissertation literature review is that which the author critically engages with the text to convey their opinion about the sources, and also provide a critique to the content. Do not forget that you can always appeal to our WritingPeak writers for help with any questions that concern your studies.

dissertation literature review writing infographicSteps to Writing a Dissertation Literature Review

Here are 3 important steps to writing a dissertation literature review:

Prepare and Identify Relevant Sources

At this stage, you need to familiarize yourself with the subject and get a wider picture of how the topic impacts your surroundings. This will require you to read the recent publications that are related to your topic. While reading, take notes of the most relevant points and the issues that the authors aim to highlight.

Make sure that the sources you choose are balanced. This means that there should be a considerable ration of the books, journal, web articles and peer-reviewed sources. These sources should also be from a reputable database such as Google Scholar, an online catalog of your school, multidisciplinary databases, or subject-specific sites.

Analyze the Sources

After identifying the sources that are related to your topic, this stage will require to undertake a more critical and in-depth analysis of the selected sources. You need to take more notes, critic the ideas and highlight the contradiction. You will also have to develop your academic opinion from the information provided.
Take note of the methodological approaches used, the theoretical approaches, and what you think about the hypothesis in the sources. This step is essential since it ensures that your dissertation literature review will not just be a summary but a critic analysis of the sources that provide a clear line of argument that is also logic and coherent.

Highlight the Gaps in the Research

Identifying the research gap is one of the significant goals that has to be achieved when you write a dissertation literature review. This is because it outlines the pertinence of your research dissertation proposal especially if your research aims to fill the gap. A gap means that the existing literature has not addressed the problem. This will be evidence enough that you are not just recounting existing research and the originality will see you get a better grade in your paper.

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