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How to write 500 words essay

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500 words writing in uk photoA 500-word essay is a typical college assignment every student faces from time to time. The work can’t be described as complicated, yet can’t be called very simple, either. Once the student is well aware of the subject, masters basic writing skills and is in a good mood, words will flow easily. Nevertheless, if you don’t feel like writing any paper, or have no time for that, you can always turn to a reliable writing service and order 500 words essay. But before that, if you are considering to perform the work on your own, here are some guidelines to help you cope with your essay “with dignity”!


It will be helpful to write down a general outline, a skeleton that will give you a precise idea what your work will look like. You can add your initial ideas, some hinting points to facilitate your writing process here. In the course of work, as your ideas become clearer and more coherent, some may be eliminated and others added.
With Double spacing and Times New Roman 12, your 500-word essay will be as long as a page and a half.


The 500 word essay structure does not differ from that of an ordinary essay. In fact, this type of assignment is the most ordinary one. Here are the main parts of this academic assignment:


If you have been assigned a certain topic to write about, go ahead. But if your topic is free, spend some time picking up the right one. It should be interesting an wide enough to write about. And after you understand and guess what you will write in your assignment, as well as determine what subtitles will be included in the work, scheme a relevant thesis statement.

Body Paragraphs

The next part of the essay structure is the body. Particularly this part is to arouse feelings and emotions within readers. Hence, you had better show some original approach and use all your imagination to evoke memories within readers themselves. Describe all the feelings you had when experiencing an event. And if you are to write about a historical event or a certain phenomenon you didn’t take part in yourself, first study the subject well to have deeper knowledge in it.
Make sure your essay has enough described details. However, whatever your 500 words essay writing is about, key images should be vividly presented. With their help, your readers will feel as if they took part in all the scenes themselves. Using figurative language, you will succeed in transferring not only images but even smells, tastes and all five senses with words! Do never doubt the power of a word!


Around fifty words will be totally enough for summing up your 500 words essay. A good conclusion will be the blend of stating all notable ideas mentioned in the work and noting your own conception about it. What is important to remember here is to never add any fresh idea in the conclusion!


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