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How to do an Essay Plan

An accurate and well-built essay plan leads to the success of the work itself. This piece of writing, if prepared efficiently and accurately, will serve as a guideline for the further writing. Hence, this type of preparation for an essay is not less essential than the writing process itself. And if you have faced such an issue as writing an essay plan, you are welcome to detailed instructions. Let’s find out the entire process step by step.

The Essay Question

Did you know that most fails of students’ essays are reasoned by the misunderstanding of the topic? And even though this may appear obvious from the first sight, it’s important to read the topic attentively and understand well what it demands from you. A good way of precisely ascertaining the essay question is looking for the keywords the topic has. This may be “contrast”, “compare”, “discuss”, etc. This way you will have an idea how to formulate the right answer to the essay question.

Searching and Detecting References

Our next point in essay planning is setting the way of conducting the researching. Founding your decision on the topic, you will need to jet down certain references, as well as quotes that can help you in your work. By the way, you can also have a look at the bibliographies and references to get some idea in which way it will be better to expand your own researching. It’s worth to remember that the references in your own work must be presented in the way required by the college or university. This can be implemented in either bibliography ad footnotes or in-text quotes with a reference list. Consult your instructor which way is more applicable or preferable for your educational institution. Afterward, stick to it not to lose your marks. If you have a glance at a succeeded essay plan example, you will notice how distinctly this point is stated.

Essay Structure Planning

The next crucial point in creating an effective university essay plan is scheming the structure. Once the research details are carried out, it’s time to pass on the structure. Depending on the essay type assigned, the structure may differ. Yet, generally, the structure of an essay is fixed. It involves the introduction, the main body, and the conclusion.


In your essay plan, the introduction should be defined as a brief opening of the work with no quotations, yet with an imposing thesis statement. It should also include a short outline of the methodology you are going to use in the work. Additionally, every good introduction features a hooking sentence, which not only serves as a “bridge” between the introduction and the body but also entices readers to keep on with the paper to find out what’s there in its sequence.
P.S. linking or hook sentences must appear throughout the while work whenever there is a need to smoothly pass from one idea or passage to the next one.


Generally, it’s quite hard to stick to one single argument throughout an entire work when you have come across an especially enchanting aspect of your essay question. That’s why it’s so significant to create a plan template and unconditionally stick to it despite the temptation.
An essay main body most of all has three paragraphs each delivering a certain idea. And even though these three ideas are different, they must all relate to your main topic, question and argument. The passing from one paragraph and idea to the next one must be logical and smooth.


Like the whole paper, the conclusion is to be well planned, too. If some people may think that a conclusion is the restatement of the introduction, you just ought to understand it’s far from the truth. In fact, a well-built conclusion is a brief, yet a deep summary of the whole work done. It should state what question was observed, how you argued your point of view, how well your research and inspection were carried out, as well as what an influence it may leave on certain areas of study.
In your plan, this part can be presented via a number of notes that will help you concentrate better while drafting the paper.
When you think about how to make a plan for your work, remember to refer to all these essential three parts of an essay definitely.

Bibliography Planning

It’s a bad idea to leave the creation of a bibliography to the end. In fact, it should be planned just in the beginning. Remember that both bibliography and referencing are an inseparable part of every successful plan.

Writing Services

If you still can’t make out how to write an essay plan template, there is no point in worrying. With the availability of a series of dependable and reputable essay plan writing UK services on the market, it makes sense to order a well-built plan. This way you can be sure it covers all major points your work should be based on. Believe, having a professionally prepared plan at hand, it will become much easier to write the paper on your own. So, find the best essay writing service in UK and place an order to save time and get fantastic results!

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