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How to choose a dissertation topic: 7 recommendations for your inspiration

The choosing of the topic for your dissertation is the most responsible initial step on the way to an excellent dissertation writing, as well as dissertation proposal. The right theme will provide you with a high-quality scientific work and will make the process of its writing much more exciting. If you think that selecting a suitable topic is something supernatural or you are hesitating between several options, here are five ways you can find your ideal dissertation topic easily.

Get an advice from your mentor

No wonder that our mentors always have more ideas of interesting dissertation subjects: imagine yourself how much they know about every single thing in their subject’s area! So the advice of a teacher can be a good incentive to study a particular topic, just make sure you’re interested in it and that the future dissertation will have a practical value.

Look around, what do you see?

It seems that our world has become much less problematic than in the past, right? By making a new world, human being started to create new issues, that need to be addressed. Maybe, you are a person, who will solve one of them, by writing your researches. Just look around and try to find something that, in your opinion, could functionate better and you know how to fix it. Thus, you will see your goal concretely and this will add you the new portion of strength and motivation every day.

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When you would like to pick up a more theoretical theme, there is another useful tip for you. Just go to your library at the university and try to “get lost” in the books: read as much as you can. As soon as you reveal a question, that seems interesting to you, but you can not find the clear answer to it, then start your researches immediately.

Contact the professionals for help

Although the mentors can give you a lot of information, you may need more practical advice. For example, you can get help from any person, who works in this area, by asking about serious problems that hinder the work of a particular system.

Association method

Also known as brainstorming. As soon as you know the sphere that you are interested in, try to make some associations connected with given subject and put them down on the paper. This will help you to start a process of the narrowing the field of the dissertation topic.

Choose subject “outside the box”

Don’t be afraid of picking up a little bit risky theme, remember that “if you are not ready to take risks for the sake of the unusual, you will have to be content yourself with everyday life”. Choosing the obvious topic will prevent you to take your own place in the scientific world. Instead, a unique topic will help you stand out from the crowd and possibly get more attention from mentors or even well-known scientists.

Do not forget to consider your topic from a critical point of view

Even you are extremely interested in your topic, try to stick to the following points :

  • the theme has to relate to the actual situation, as your findings should have a scientific significance and, of course, practical value;
  • before taking a dissertation topic, make sure you have enough resources and information for conducting researches near to you or your university; if not, then you’ll have to extend your previous topic;
  • the wording of the name should be clear, concise and written correctly and reflect the purpose and objectives of the scientific work.

Hopefully, you’ve found a tip that had inspired you to choose the best topic for your brilliant future dissertation!

Our qualified experts in WritingPeak service are always ready to assist you with choosing the right topic and making a plan of your dissertation. In our website, you are managed to use the online grammar checker as well as to find a lot of useful information on our blog.

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