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How many references do you need in a 1500 words essay?

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An essay writing is an independent written work either on a topic proposed by a teacher of the relevant discipline or independently selected by a student on the definite subject. The purpose of writing an essay is to develop personal skills on applying creative approach, to understand issues of scientific domain, as well as to expand writing skills to be able to write down your own thoughts and attitudes on various problems. If you are wondering how many pages is a 1500 word essay, traditionally it fits in 4-5 pages depending on the spacing between lines.

Essay’s structure is usually divided into such sections: 1. Title page; 2. Introduction; 3. Body (divided into paragraphs); 4. Conclusion; 5. Refs list (if needed).

The parts of a 1500 word essay may vary, depending on specifics of the discipline. The student may have to analyze a particular literary text or an issue from day-to-day life.

Bibliography formatting requirements

Usually, a reference list is an obligatory part of any research paper or coursework, as it demonstrates student’s ability to practically apply the knowledge gained on the subject.

The list includes bibliographic information of sources, which were used during the essay writing. It is also recommended to mention the documents cited in the text of your paper and the sources of actual or statistical information (in this case, the subscript or in-text bibliographic references are not documented).

If your essay related to science or events that took place in the past, it is necessary to refer to some scholarly sources already written on the topic you’ve chosen. If the list of bibliographic information includes publications with which a reader isn’t familiar, the reference list should indicate authorship of information from which was taken particular data of the publication (in the form: “Quoted by…” or “Referred to… “).

Bibliography list should be made with the certain rules:

Selection of literature

It’s important to write down the material about the sources, used while preparing the work.

Descriptions of sources you

Each ref to the book or article, used in your work, has to include some short bibliographic record with some basic data:

– Author’s surname and initials;

– Title;

– Output data: place of publication, publisher, and year of publication;

– A particular number of pages.

Number of refs

Most of the students stuck with the question: how many references should I have for a 1500 word essay? Due to an appropriate minimum for most of the universities, it’s important to have about 10-12 sources. But if you are not sure about the number of bibliography entries, would be better to verify this information with the guidelines (if you have such) or to consult your professor no matter which type of essay you are writing.

And of course, don`t forget to check the work you bought from essay writing service, whether it has the list of references.

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