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Essay Introduction Checklist

Every essay part has a great significance, yet it’s especially the introduction that determines whether the work will be taken for granted or considered an ordinary worthless paper. The opening of paperwork regardless its type or topic is to be impressive and memorable. You can achieve this result by thinking of a really funny anecdote, a quote or an imposing statistics statement. No matter how you build your essay introduction, make sure it is engaging enough for people to keep reading. The first sentence is to be followed by several supporting ones that contain facts and background info. This should give the work such context as locations, essential dates, historical events, and locations.
After this, the introduction of your essay work is to deliver the thesis statement that your whole work is going to be based on. It should be a specific and somewhat demonstrable statement, which can easily answer to your topic question.
Anyway, before we pass to the detailed definition of how to prepare an impressive and powerful hook for the essay introduction, let’s find out what alternatives there are for getting a wonderful essay introduction checklist.

Writing Services

Today, with the wide array of writing services UK available on the market, ordering a well-organized original essay written from a scratch is not any difficult. Yet, prior to entrusting your paper to an essay writer, make sure the service is reliable and reputable enough. Only this way you can be calm for the quality of your essay.
British essay writers, who have Bachelor’s, Master’s or even Ph. D. degrees, as well as years of experience each in their field, are able to prepare both a mind-blowing introduction to an essay and a complete paper. Such services ensure a series of advantages including timely delivery, absolutely plagiarism-free works, sensible prices, an endless number of free revisions, money back guarantee, confidentiality.

Checklist for an Essay Introduction

Before you start writing, it will be a good idea to scheme a checklist. This way, you can make sure the introduction contains all the crucial points it should. Once your introduction answers all the questions mentioned below, it can be considered well structured and thorough. Check it out:

  • Does the introduction state the subject clearly?
  • Does it represent certain provoking or striking data about the subject?
  • Does it supply a preview of all the major points you are going to write about in the body?
  • Is the thesis statement clearly stated?
  • Is the subject supported by relevant background information in your introduction?

These were the major points that every decent essay introduction checklist should be composed of.

Hooking First Sentence for Your Essay

As we have mentioned before, the first sentence of your introduction is to serve as a hook for your readers. And even though it should bring them closer to what you are going to tell in the rest of the paper, this sentence should not reveal all the cards. In other words, this “hook” is to relate to the essay broadly, yet not be laser focused.
Depending on the work topic and type, this sentence is to be a relevant one. For instance, for writing a compare and contrast essay introduction first sentence, a striking difference between the two objects to be discussed, can be presented. A literary essay, meanwhile, is to be started with a brief narration of topic. And what concerns a research work, a shocking statistic data could do better than anything else.

Giving Context to Essay Argument

As you can see from the essay introduction example, the arguments that are going to be written about in the body, are better to be supported here, in the introduction. Surely, this shouldn‘t be a repetition. Instead, it can be the data necessary for readers to acknowledge the thesis statement.

Importance of Transitions

Quite often, the thesis statement in an essay introduction is written in the end. This way the transition from the introduction to the body is fulfilled quite naturally. Yet, there are cases when you need to input the thesis in the middle of the introduction. For such cases, you will need to use a short, yet powerful linking sentence. This is the right way for connecting the introduction to an essay with the body, as well as keeping the readers enthralled. The sentence can be a question, for instance.

Who’s the Audience?

Surely, the audience your work is written for is your instructor or teacher. Yet, you needn‘t concentrate only on them. Instead, imagine a broader audience that may involve your classmates, friends, as well as all those who might be interested in what you’ve written. This way, the final result will appear more distinct and clear. You can see from successful essay introduction examples, that such issues are settled, as the need for defining the terms used in the paper, whether there is any need to supply background information or not, etc. Most probably, your audience is aware of certain things you plan to present, and wish to get to its core as soon as possible. Therefore, there is absolutely no need for any broad statements or major generalizations. Be certain, neither of them can support your arguments. They are only a waste of time for your readers and a minus to your work.

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