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Discursive Essay Writing Rules

Students often enjoy talking about certain issues that have a distinctive impact on the world. Global warming, wars, politics, and social issues – all these can catch attention of anyone willing to raise a discussion. Nevertheless, writing on such controversial topics is way harder than talking about them. For a lot of students, this might become a tough task. Some even get confused when hearing the term ‘discursive essay’. We are going to explain peculiarities of this composition type to provide you with a measurable help in addition to the collection of free essay samples available on our site.

Discursive essay term: the definition

A discursive essay is a written composition that addresses a particular problem, challenge or situation. A lot of good discursive essay topics can be found anywhere, from books to journals, daily news, or even on the internet. Unlike an argumentative write-up, which chooses to support or oppose a certain opinion, a discursive essay does not focus on author’s opinion. In reverse, you have to review a certain matter from all the aspects and at all angles possible. It usually discusses an established situation, with a series of analytical assessments on how the situation came to be, and what can be done to make it better.

These essays rely heavily on time, effort and a ton of research in order to achieve an excellent write-up. Discursive composition examples can also be found on our site, and we encourage students to check out these samples before proceeding with their own submissions.

What does it entail – the groundwork

Before writing any composition, it is absolutely necessary to draw up some frameworks on which the composition will take form. A discursive essay plan is quite easy to create; the main challenge comes in sticking to it. A lot of students tend to report difficulties in keeping to the plan, mostly because they run out of ideas or due to stress. They end up seeking the help of a professional UK essay writing service. At WritingPeak we encourage students to give such essays a try. However, should this not work out, we are always at the students’ service to offer assistance

A good number of discursive essay ideas thrive on the next kind of arrangement or structure:

  • Introductive paragraph
  • Main body (based on the number of components in the situation)
  • Conclusion

Starting paragraph

The starting part for many discursive essay topics determines the quality of the whole write-up to a measurable extent. For the introduction, a few words about the situation can be written – how it started, how advanced has the situation gotten, etc. For instance, when writing about the rate of rape reports in a country, it is noteworthy to mention how it has increased/reduced over the years, and provide the necessary indicators.

Some discursive essay examples decide to start with the statistics straight away while comparing several countries at a glance. The important element here is, being as comprehensible as possible, and avoiding extremely long introductions.

Body of the text

This is where main aspects of the topic at hand are discussed. This can be the elements that add up to the present condition of the situation being discussed. There are a few details to note when writing such compositions:

  • Appropriate use of words, spellings and punctuation marks

Dotting i’s and crossing t’s might sound quite informal. However, it’s a very important aspect you will find even in the worst discursive essay example. Proper use of tenses and spelling as it relates to the English type (British, Canadian, Australian) should also be taken seriously. Non-English students who aren’t sure of their grammar/spelling strength can use an online English grammar checker. This helps to deal away with any doubts and correct bypassed mistakes.

  • Using simple words

Except your assignment deals with higher English discursive essay topics, it’s advisable to keep your vocabulary simple and understandable. Once an essay is buzzing with a lot of big, though correct words, reading even for the average person becomes a burden. Use of simpler, relatable words allows the teachers and readers alike to relate to the theme at hand very easily.

  • Appropriate use of paragraphs

It’s easier even for you to understand what you are trying to analyze when you write each idea in a paragraph. For example, in order to fully explain the elements that add up to increased/decreased rape reports in a place, a student might want to write about poverty rate, illiteracy, stigmatization, etc. All these points should be discussed separately, each with its own paragraph – description, influence on the main topic and how its decrease/increase will affect main topic.

Concluding paragraph

For discursive essays, a finishing paragraph would include a prognosis of situation discussed based on given facts and statistics. Finishing paragraph should also correspond to the rest of the text, and does not have to be extremely lengthy. An extra part can be included here containing various inferences and citations used to provide the facts with which you wrote your essay.

At the end of whole process, it is perhaps most important to be original. Unique essays are highly valued and graded. Write facts in your own words, without losing the thought being communicated. With all these tips in view, writing a discursive essay becomes easier than ever imagined.

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