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What is the difference between creative writing and academic writing?

Creative, or otherwise referred to as personal or reflective writing has significant differences from academic or otherwise called scholarly writing. One simply can’t mix them and if you’ve been assigned to perform either type of them, you have no right for a mistake. Now we’ll address each type separately so that to give a general picture of either of them. Here at the WritingPeak, all skillful writers are well aware of the difference between creative writing and academic writing. And now it’s your turn to learn.

Creative Writing Peculiarities

Creative writing has relatively few rules as compared with academic writing. Here one is free to write about his personal experiences, his unique story, or express his opinions, emotions, and ideas. This type of essay writing is rather fictional with absolutely no need for support or factual evidence. However, if you are assigned a persuasive creative essay, your assertions will need some support. That may be any information you’ve heard (even if you can’t remember the source) or your personal experience. Besides, creative writing doesn’t require any page numbers of the specific text included in the essay. Creative writing isn’t addressed to matching the grading of a rubric or satisfying any requirements. It presents merely the intentions of the writer.

Academic Writing Peculiarities

Academic writing is the contrast to the creative type. It’s a standardized piece of writing which requires great organization and accurate formatting. What the most important thing here is that every evidence used here in the support of the writer’s assertions must have precise sources. Moreover, they must be accurately cited as right in the text, so in the page of the work’s citations. The writer is obliged to prove the credibility of the supports with clear facts. In this type of writing, the author has no right of giving blank opinions and ideas without being able to prove them with credible facts. There mustn’t be any question without a precise answer.

Creative VS Academic

Now, when you already understand what creative and what academic writings are, it’s time to pass over the major differences between the two types.
So, the first significant point in the creative writing vs academic writing battle is the purpose of the work. If the creative writing type has an aim to present the author’s personal experience and worldview, academic writing implies persuading the readers in the credibility of the author’s thesis. Eventually, this type of writing may bring your an A grade, while creative essays may get published.
Academic writing must be based on a rigorous code with structure prevailing over the style. Meanwhile, creative writing encourages an entertaining approach to the work. Such works are addressed to make the readers feel happy or sorry for the author, sympathize or get angry with him.
Another difference between these two writing models is the topics assigned. As a rule, academic works’ topics are seldom left to students’ choice, while a topic for a creative writing is mostly up to the student’s decision.
Our next difference lies in the length. If academic essays typically have five paragraphs, creative works can be as long as the author may find necessary for developing his story organically.
The writing styles of these two paper types differ, too. For instance, if academic writing allows no linguistic contractions, in creative writing you are welcome to use any. If academic writing implies using exceptionally formal English, you are free to use colloquial phrases and trendy words if you think they will make your story more vivid.
So, now hopefully the matter is clear for you and you are capable of performing any assignment correctly.

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