How to Write an Introduction for an assignment

Introduction for an assignment

Without a doubt, writing an introduction for an assignment may seem challenging as it happens at some point in time at any university of the matter. Although the process may seem pretty similar, at first, it’s actually more complex than anyone may think: considering the […]

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What is the difference between a reference list and a bibliography?

difference between a reference list and a bibliography

We, at WritingPeak, decided to answer one of the most researched questions that pop up for the students: what’s the difference between the reference list and bibliography? A lot of times, when writing the essays, dissertations, and assignments of the mater, the students can’t differentiate […]

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The Proper Essay Format in UK

essay format in the UK

The essay is the most ordinary academic assignment type every student has to face quite frequently during his entire study. Later, the skills obtained while improving your essay writing ability will help in any office work. But now, as long as you are a student […]

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How to start a persuasive essay in a few steps

how to start a persuasive essay

The persuasive essay is a small piece of prose of the free composition, that shows a private point of view in relation to a chosen topic. Due to its popularity, now the essay has an extremely wide classification. In the first place, they differ in […]

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Top 10 tips for catchy essay titles

Top 10 catchy essay titles

The essay is a prosaic work of a small size and a free structure that expresses the individual impressions and thoughts of the author on a particular occasion and does not claim to an exhaustive interpretation of a particular subject. The purpose of this written work […]

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5 Steps in Writing a Research Paper

Research Paper Writing

Writing a research paper may seem very challenging, especially if studying under the rigorous curriculum. People don’t realize all of the steps they need to go through as well as lack the knowledge in regards to all of the requirements. There are various tips to […]

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Why Awarding University Subject Gold Medals Is Wrong?

University Subject Gold Medals Is Wrong

In its entity, the government’s teaching excellence (Tef) was created to measure the ultimate quality of teaching in each academic discipline at the universities of the matter. Such an approach functions to assist students in determining the study preferences, incentives, and make the universities more […]

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How to Structure a Dissertation

How to write a dissertation structure

Every academic institution has different requirements in regards to writing a dissertation, including its structure. Because of such a fact, it makes a perfect sense to investigate whether your studying place abides by the general trends of curriculums all across the world. Nevertheless, there are some things […]

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Writing a Ph.D. Thesis Structure Easily

Writing a Ph.D. Thesis Structure

Without a doubt, every single student in the Western-like academic institution has to write an essay at some point in time. Even though the process may sound fairly simple after the first-hand analysis, it’s actually more complicated than the average student may think. Every single […]

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