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Zoos: Health and Wild Life

University/College: University of Arkansas System
Date: January 8, 2018
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Zoos: Health and Wild Life

Zoos are a place where people put wild life Just so humans can have something to look at on their free time, It is not a good place for wild life. The animals will get mental problems when contained in a zoo. They are called wild life for a reason no one can make an Exact replica off habitat that not only they need to survive In but need to also be happy In. The zoos also do physical health to the wild life. When zoos think of good health for an animal they usually do not think of their overall wellbeing, they just think about how to keep them alive.

The animals cannot do their natural things to stay sane. The animals will develop depression they cannot do the things they do in the wild, they also cannot roam and find mates the way they want. I know I would go Crazy without contact from the outside world, what about you? A majority of animals in zoos live half than their normal life expectancy out in the wild but at least they are happy and not harmed by humans. The chemicals used to clean their cages do a lot of harm to them physically and the stress from being in such an unnatural habitat commonly makes the Animal go Insane and some may even attempt seclude!

Yes, animals can and will kill them self If they are depressed. That Is not healthy for any human or animal to feel this way. Even though the zoos do try to make a habitat seem real, it is not anything close to real for the wild life. No matter how much you try, no one can make an exact replica of a habitat inside of bars. The name wild life means that they are wild and deserve to be wild and free. They will have the things they need to survive but not to actually be happy. They might have trees to climb on but they want more, maybe bigger ones, taller ones.

They might have a man built pond, but they want a natural big spring or lake. The animals seem to have everything they need but look at it from their point of view. They want freedom Just like any of us humans. They cannot hunt the way they need to, the wild life Is still subjected to Limits and barriers, which can build up tension and can turn on and hurt the other animals or even he zoo keepers. It is upsetting what the zoo keepers have to do to keep the wild life under control. Getting Punished for just being wild. Also what do you think the zoo kippers do when the animals act up or get out of line?

They do not get a slap on the wrists, they get tranquilizer, dazed, and sometimes euthanized. Zoos are not a good place for wild life. They are wild animals and are getting punished for being their selves. This is not right, if they act up they will get dazed, Tranquilizer or even worse, death! These poor animals should be in the wild so they can act the way their instincts tell them to, not get hurt for doing so. Zoos are not a good place for wild life. The animals can have bad mental and physical health. Also they do not have the habitat that they need to be happy. The

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