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Small talk

University/College: University of Arkansas System
Date: November 16, 2017
Words: 344
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Small talk

Good morning Sue. Nice to meet you! Who is this gentleman? S: This is professor Thomas. He teaches my science this year! J: It is my honor to meet you, Mr. Thomas! T: I am glad to meet you too. J: So, Sue, you have science this semester? S: Of course, I think I have Just informed you that. What major are you taking currently? J: Well, I have enrolled in a biological research group which require an investigation on environment and species variety. Therefore, you may not see me quite often because we spend a large portion of time in the field. T: Oh, really!

Is that program called the “Endanger Species and Environment”? A friend of mine is in charge of that. I believe the investment is from the government, a sufficient amount of money has been invested on that. J: That is right! Professor Thomas,it is a surprise to me that you are interested in this program as well. Do you mind me to give an interview about your opinion on the relationship between environment and wild animals? S: Right now? I don’t think Professor is available! I have booked an appointment with him two weeks ago. Your Interview will probably take the whole period of my appointment!

T: Johnson, I am afraid that Sue Is right. If you don’t mind, I am more than glad to accept you interview later this week. J: Thank you Mr.. Thomas. I really appreciate you cooperation on our project. Will you be available this Friday morning? T: That’s hard to say now. You could talk to my secretary about the appointment…. S: Johnson, I am afraid we have to go. We are running out of time. J: Well, then I will try to arrange an appoint later. See you Professor Thomas, and goodbye Sue. T: It Is a great pleasure to meet you. See you later this week! S; Finally, Professor, It Is my turn to ask you a few questions!

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