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Old People Speech

University/College: University of Arkansas System
Date: November 15, 2017
Words: 387
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Old People Speech

Throughout her life, she accomplished many of her goals that were on her bucket list. Although her dog was mutated, she loved it like it was her child. She was really into her culture and very family oriented. She always wanted to create a genome, but she never got around to it, but it would’ve been a beautiful organism. She was a very temperamental person who had an intense emotion reactivity. The heritability she passed down was very diverse, because in my opinion no one in our family looks alike. She was a developmental psychologist who studied molecular genetics and evolutionary psychology.

She was very interested in different aspects of psychology that she practiced it until the very end. She always said that natural selection will eventually cause us all to look similar and related. She conducted studies that were the continuity view of development and were processes without steps and stages, but she also practiced the discontinuity view which was looking at processes with steepest progress Also, she made me interested in the rites of passage, because she conducted experiments that showed how people changed wrought their life after events that happened which symbolized their life.

Throughout the conduction of all her experiments, she realized that the primary and secondary sex characteristics were different, because the primary characteristics are the reproductive sex characteristics while the secondary characteristics are the unreconstructed sex characteristics. The stages of life and death are a part of life, so when It was time for her to go, she had no hesitations or complaints. Since she had reached menopause a while back, she knew she loud not have more children which Is the reason she had her dog.

My grandpa died a while back, so she had no Intimacy In her life anyways. In a certifications study she conducted of me and her, she compared our ability to remember; she had alchemist’s disease for as long as I can remember, so I was surprised when she remembered a lot more than I expected her to. During her last months of life, she was conducting a longitudinal study which Involved the social clock. Although she never finished It, I hope to one day complete It for her.

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