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Nature vs. Nuture

University/College: University of Arkansas System
Date: November 11, 2017
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Nature vs. Nuture

Nature vs.. Nurture presents the theory of pro-nature and pro-nurture (Pineal, 2007). Psychologist of Behavior tend to believe In a pro-nurture world this thought Implies that the human species is under the power of his or her Individual environment, which Includes his or her education throughout his or her Lifetime (Plane, 2007). On the other hand, the conflicting believes In pro- nature (Pineal, 2007).

Pro-nature is a process which people think he or she is not expansible for his or her deeds or what he or she may become in life; genetics are solely responsible for his or her failures or successes (Pineal, 2007). Case-in-point a person who is extremely intelligent is intelligent only because of his DNA (Pineal, 2007). On the other hand from a pro-nurture’s perspective a person is intelligent because of his or her environment and hard work (Pineal, 2007). Moreover, a person should not worry him or herself over a particular behavior caused by genetics or the human experience because the question is flawed (Plane, 2007).

The development In behavior is manipulated by many facets as-well-as genetics and experience; however neither one can be the sole Influence by Itself (Plane, 2007). Nature and nurturing Is the prime factors in developing and controlling behavior, when asking if behavior is developed through nature or nurturing it would be more accurate to inquire in what way is genetics and experience influenced by nature and nurturing (Pineal, 2007). Stress, poor nutrition. And other factors contribute to the influences of behaviors (Pineal, 2007).

When measuring genetics and experience it is important to maintain a degree of separation in the contributions both have established (Pineal, 2007). Both genetics and experience are present in the development of behavior so both are responsible for contributing vital information In a person’s development (Plane, 2007). However, both genetics and experience are responsible for contributing dissimilar attributes of a person’s behavior, personality, and genetic makeup (Plane, 2007). Pineal (2007). Basics of Physiology. Pearson Education, Inc.

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