Endangered Species Essay

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Endangered Species

Lesser Rabbit Bandwagon Halide Kraft Hello, I would Like to address Issues with the Lesser Rabbit Bandwagon endangerment. These small, longer nosed species need to be protected more than they are, especially with the disadvantage of their size. Although very few animals prey on Bandits, the real en enemies are humans. The citizens of the world should be making this a more friendly place, as in a place where all mammals, insects, etc. Should be able to live in peace. Land clearing is cause ingot many animals to lose their habitats, as well as their small lives.

So many of these smaller animals are becoming extinct are because of land clearing, introduction to other predators such as dogs and cats, which are brought to these AR ease by humans. There are twelve estimated species of Bandwagon In Australia, and over half of them are extinct already. What Is so wrong with using the land we already have? We’re Intruded g on these helpless homes. We, and by we I mean humans, are the only real continuous threat to Bandits, and robbery many more smaller mammals. Urban development is the biggest predator t o these animals.

This makes them extremely vulnerable to the cars and other transportation vehicles out in the street. It’s sad to say, Isn’t it? We are killing off things that live in the same envier moment, and have Just as Important homes as we do. Although these animals are not as meet ally developed as humans, they have lives as well. I suppose one could retaliate with, “We’re the smarter species, we deserve more became use e can do morel” But, we’re only here for a short time anyway, why kill off something t hat doesn’t get to live as well as you do?

These mammals help grasslands survive in Status alai. About 99% of the grassland is full of destruction. The Bandwagon is now considered ex tint in the wild of Equals. Saving this animal could connect all walks of life, saving any animal co old. It’s not Just Important to save one animal, It’s Important to save all of them. Of course, the at Isn’t necessarily possible, but if we can take away their homes so easily, we should be able