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Es hairdressing

University/College: University of Arkansas System
Date: November 4, 2017
Words: 492
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Es hairdressing

Make sure all equipment is intact and not damaged. Cutting collars should be cleaned and dried fore each use. The Importance to avoid cross-infection and Infestation Is to make sure you are working In a healthy and safe environment. To avoid this make sure the salon Is clean, dry and well aired, this prevents bacteria growth. It is important to keep my work area clean and tidy because it will maximize my time and will reduce any risks of injuries happening. 2) There are a few ways of cleaning, disinfecting and sterilizing used in salons. Ultraviolet radiation is where items are placed in a cabinet and are exposed to V emitting light bulbs which sterilize the tools. Chemical sterilization is one of the main ways used in a salon; this is where equipment is submerged into a sterilization fluid. Autoclave Is a method which uses heat. It Is very good for metal tools. To enamels the risk of cross Infection and Infestation you should sterilize all equipment dally and make sure the salon Is kept clean and tidy. Coating.

Before use they should be cleaned and any excess oil removed. Scissors should be wiped after every client and kept sharp. Keep in a protective case to avoid any damage. It is important to position your cutting tools for ease of use because it is nonprofessional to keep leaving your clients to get your tools. Personal hygiene is important as it is uncomfortable for yourself, colleagues and the clients. 17) Consulting the client throughout the process is important because it reconfirms what is taking place during the process, making sure the client still agrees.

You can clearly present information and advice using visual aids. These would include magazines, internet and portfolios. Factors which should be taken into consideration prior to and during cutting are; face and head shape, physical features, lifestyle, time taken on hair, growth patterns, hair indention, hair type and density, etc. 20) Factors to consider when cutting wet hair are whether the hair is straight or curly. Factors to consider when cutting dry hair are whether the hair is grizzly or coarse, 21) The hair averagely grows about 0. 5 inches per month. 2) The risks ingrown hairs may cause are irritation and itching to the skin. It starts to create a raised area often infected by a mild infected spot. If the ingrown hair is not brought to the skin a more serious infection will result. 23) Hair products should be removed prior to cutting because you will achieve a much better final results. You need to be able to comb the hair freely to achieve the correct angles. 24) There are a range of products available for finishing women’s hair these include; hairsprays, serums, oils, shine sprays, etc. 5) To create hairstyles which are current and classic you need to look at the current hair shape and to determine what cutting techniques need to be used.

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