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Thesis Statement

University/College: University of Arkansas System
Date: November 13, 2017
Words: 360
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Thesis Statement

What is your thesis statement? Cash and credit are to the holder, although both require responsibility. Introduction Cash and credit both serve as a value to a consumer. Nowadays a consumer could withdraw more money from an ATM than Is In the existing account Tams today are the world’s quickest access to fast cash. Tams also vary In the fees for the use of each individual machine. Cash and credit are to the holder, although both require responsibility. L.

The benefits of credit over cash. A. The times when plastic out does cash. 1 . Buying appliances with a credit card extends the warranty. 2. The ability to dispute any erroneous charges. B. Cost Is not a factor compared to benefits received from a credit card purchase. 1. Credit cards come with protection and perks. 2. The rewards for each day shopping with a credit card. II. The frame of mind that to keep credit cards. A. The average person carries three bank Issued cards, four retail cards, and one debit card 1.

The smooth convenience of Just swiping. . Whenever stolen there is 100% protection. B. Banks offer a variety of deals to their revenue 1. Certain banks offer cash back rewards. 2. Paying off small purchase balances boost the credit score. Ill. The mismanagement of funds. A. Using one credit card to pay off another’s balance. 1 . If paying with cash need the entire amount upfront 2. Gives an extended period to pay for purchases. B. The impulsive shopping 1 . If a consumer exceeds his or her limit there are fees. Than intended. IV.

Cash has benefits. A. Reduces chances of identity theft. 2. Spending more 1 . Cash does not require the name and other important information of the holder. 2. Prevents unexpected fees from occurring. B. Tangible budgeting 1 . The use of coupons. 2. Hunting for deals 1 OFF “Perhaps our desire for money and luxury is more primal and instinctual than we care to admit,” (Kara, 2011, p. 15). Cash and credit are two key elements in today’s society. As credit is issued, this does not mean that the card is to be maxed out on the first chance of shopping.

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