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Transition from black-and-white to color in Pleasantville

University/College: University of Arkansas System
Date: November 3, 2017
Words: 1027
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Transition from black-and-white to color in Pleasantville

Nowadays people seek freedom, great sensation, thrill, adventure, and so on. They love engaging In risky and dangerous actively, they want to try new experiences and discover new enjoyments, and finally they want to ask themselves “what Is going to happen now? ‘ They wish to live in a world of choices, where there is an infinite amount of options to be taken and no clear path. They do not wish to live like those from previous eras, who neglected diversity and change.

In fact, they are the exact opposite since they want to be involved in new adventures. The movie “Pleasantries” released in 1998, written and directed by Gary Ross, shows us a society of an idealism and simple way of life that is represented by black and white. It’s a town where everything is pleasant, where’s there is no crime, few worries and where even the toughest problems can be solved easily. However, it was always the same routine over and over again. There is no diversity whatsoever. This suddenly changes after the coming of two teenagers.

In this movie, we observe the changes that occur to a own of the asses after two Individuals from the modern era are transported there and bring In their knowledge and their way of life. The movie is about two teenagers who magically gets drawn into the asses fictional, black-and-white television sitcom, Pleasantries. The two teenagers, David and Jennifer, are forced to take on the roles of Bud and Mary-Sue respectively. As the story progresses, their presence starts to influence drastic changes. These two brings in sex, art, books, music and the concept of nonconformity to the citizens of Pleasantries.

As they do, something unheard of starts happening. Color erupts in their black-and-white world. It does not affect only objects, but also human beings. As it was decades ago, when new changes were not greatly accepted in society, they went against It. As the movie progressed, more and more people became colonizer, which finally lead to their victory and freedom. The people became colonizer when they changed and awakened dormant parts of them. For example, Mary-Sue was someone who hated books, but at one point decided to read a book, and she then turned into color.

This movie criticizes many facets of society and people. Discrimination, xenophobia, suppression of women and ignorance are among the many subjects being criticized. For example, they criticize discrimination near the end of the movie, when Bud goes through his trial in the court; the colonizer people are all upstairs, while the normal and black-and-white individuals are on the main floor. They criticize xenophobia when the citizens go against the newly colored objects. They criticize the suppression of women when Bud’s mom wants to stop making lunch and dinner, but her husband obligates her to.

They criticize the inorganic of people when the citizens are burning the books of the library. Through the criticism, this movie teaches us that to have a good life you need to be open to diversity, you need to adapt to changes and you need to have the courage to experience new adventures. In short, this movie teaches us that everything is never In the film, we can see a clear distinction between the life in black-and-white and the modern life when they became colonizer. The black-and-white is associated with an old style of life and the arrival of color heralds a new way of thinking within the movie.

The colored life is characterized with uncertainty, risk and dangerousness, while the other one is characterized with pleasantness, safety, and with no problems. At first glance, the latter kind of life seems like the better one, but when we ponder about it a little bit, we realize that instead of having a good life, it might be a terrible life instead since humans love taking risks and being adventurous, which is not included in the black-and-white life. Further, that life would not make a great deal of sense since it excludes problems, but part of being a human is to deal and surmount robbers.

In short, the colored life would be better since it is a more exciting lifestyle, it is filled with adventures, and it contains more ways to enjoy ourselves. This movie contains many symbolic images. Among them, there is the red rose, the mirror, and the transition from black-and-white to color. The rose first appeared when Skip was driving home after having made sex with Mary-Sue. The rose symbolizes romance, sex, and pleasure. After its appearance, throughout the movie, people are more into love and sexual enjoyment. Lover’s-Lane is no more a place to old hands, but it has become a place to have sex.

Beds for two people are appearing and people are purchasing them. The mirror, that also is a symbolic, was used many times in the film to show a person he has became colonizer. It was first used by Bud’s mom and it symbolizes the idea of self-reflection and knowledge. When the individual looked in the mirror, they saw who they truly were. Finally, the transition from black-and-white to color represents the transition between an ignorant and a knowledgeable person, someone who refute changes and someone who adapts to it, money who always does the same activity and someone who tries new one.

In other words, it represents the growth of a person and of a society. In conclusion, the movie written by Gary Ross teaches us that change is inevitable in life and we should try to accept it even if we do not like it at first glance. Thankfully, this is how the world is right now. We are constantly trying to change the way we live, we are accepting new kinds of electronically devices every year, we are always searching for opportunities to show our skills, and most importantly we are not refuting the changes that are happening around us.

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