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Short Film

University/College: University of Arkansas System
Date: November 3, 2017
Type of paper: ArtsPsychology
Words: 294
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Short Film

For me was somewhat a shocking short film for me. I thought It was the typical love story wherein someone had an affair with another person. It was, but with a twist. Emilio had a half-brother named Will, but they went through hardships In life that led Emilio astray. Emilio was Into painting but later on found Interest In cooking. Mellow meals were delicious and his meals were Will’s favorite, Including Emilio girlfriend, Helena.

One night Will visited Mellow and Helena and they had a simple dinner and they drank. Mellow got drunk and passed out, which was a chance for Will to take advantage of Helena. Will and Helena had an affair, which Mellow found out later on. Because of Employ anger, he murdered his half-brother. Helena was shocked after knowing this. She didn’t know that her boyfriend Is capable of doing such. So to sum up, I was really amazed and shocked at the same time because you never know what a person is capable of doing.

Emilio was possessive in a way cause of his past experience of a not-so-nice life, Helena is all he got. Somehow all of them are at fault. Emilio is at fault because he wasn’t able to control his anger and he was too possessive of Helena. Will is at fault because he knew that Helena is his half-brother’s girlfriend yet he took advantage of Emilio being drunk so that he could have an affair with Helena. Helena is at fault as well because she gave in. We should always think before we act. If we are in a relationship, we should be loyal. We never know what a person is capable of doing.

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