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Movie Review: Cool Runnings

University/College: University of Arkansas System
Date: November 16, 2017
Type of paper: ArtsEssay WritingSociety
Words: 1061
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Movie Review: Cool Runnings

After observing Cool Running and taking all components of the movie into consideration, I would present this film by Walt Disney with a total rating of 8 out of 10. Of course, I will explain and elaborate as to why I personally thought this movie deserved a 8. Cool Running is a great film to enjoy with your family. It sends positive messages to its target audience (kids ages 7-13). Cool Running is a movie which knows when comedic lines should be applied, and when to pull the heart strings of the audience itself, making a heart warming story of which people can enjoy thoroughly.

Even multiple predicaments occur, Just to get a few laughs from the audience at some of the most effective times, to lighten to audience’s mood. Of course, this is a child’s film. Solely targeted at children to make them laugh, listen, learn and even potentially cry. A heartfelt film which succeeds In drawing the target audiences attention, and persuading them Into feeling completely emotional at the most important fragments of the movie, however happy or sad Disney feels that they should be feel.

Thus, resulting in positive ratings and sales which gather the attention of children around the world, sending a positive message for their ears to hear. The story of the first Jamaican bobsled team was a perfect opportunity for Walt Disney to do so. With a good moral and an addition of scenes of which excite the audience, sadden the audience, and persuade the audience to sympathize towards the characters, this truly makes for a great movie. This film deserves a 8, simply due to the fact that it is a heartwarming movie.

It successfully tugs at the audience for the emotions which commonly occur during key events of the movie. Thus, creating excitement, relief, sadness, happiness, and a life lesson to take from the film Itself. That, Is what you would call a successful film to be remembered through the minds of children everywhere. Without the cinematic elements being on par with the motion picture itself, the movie altogether would have ended in failure. Although, this was completely opposite regarding the case of Cool Running.

The sound effects, camera angles, and special effects were efficacious to raise the excitement of the audience. Loud sound effects were evident where the Jamaican bobsled team competed, as well as camera angles that were clear for people to view. Cool Running consists of excellent actors, that really persuaded children as if they truly lived the roles themselves. Although, from n adults perspective, you can very well tell that the accents were not authentic. Acting could have been done a bit better. Furthermore, this Is evidently believable to children, but not from a ten’s or adult’s perspective.

After taking these elements Into consideration, this film Is entertaining as the directors set It out to become. As they showcased bobsledding, you could really understand what this Olympic sporting bobsledding is all about, and why people take so much pride in the sport itself. Thus, resulting in an element of the film being realistic in many way. So realistic that you ally would believe that they honestly were bobsledding. Overall, the cinematic elements was a success, and the professional casting’s of castes actors and actresses was enough to be convincing and believable towards its audience.

Movies all around the world possess a purpose of which has meaning, for a movie without one may never be successful. This movie’s purpose was that it simply encourages kids to persevere in making their dreams come true, no matter how childish or impossible they may seem. Basically implying that; no dream is out of reach. That you can literally do anything, no matter how much people discriminate or courage you. Every story possesses a moral, good or bad, whichever it may be. Morality is awakened from experience, through understanding the good and the bad that we may have done.

As a result, children have benefited from this movie as well, providing them with experience, a true glimpse of reality of what the world out there is like. Its taught kids a valuable lesson, the lesson of never acknowledging the word give up. Giving up is a far cry from success, like how opposite oil and water truly are. With this, kids can take a meaningful moral with them along the way, with the halogens they potentially face every single day. Thus, proving contributive to a future where more children have further confidence in themselves, rather than not trying at all at the face of obstacles.

With a good moral and an addition of scenes of sympathize towards the characters, this truly makes for a great movie. However heartwarming Cool Running can prove to be, it truly is heavily fictionally. A low percentage of this story actually occurred based on the true story itself. The bobsled community was brutally discouraging and discriminative to the Jamaican, where as thin reality, they genuinely welcomed the Jamaican, even though they were not the norms of this Olympic event.

If I took part in the community which welcomed the Jamaican bobsledders, I would be patently offended. Naturally in this Disney movie, I would have played the villain of this film. Kids would be under the influence of thinking that the other teams played out to be the discourager who believed that Jamaican shouldn’t be participating in the winter Olympics. Putting this fact aside, the true Jamaican bobsledders would be rather proud of this movie itself.

Not only as their story of endurance and perseverance been apprised to adults and children alike, but they’ve become influences themselves from a positive standpoint to the vast world. The moment where they successfully stepped out of the bobsled after engaging in a crash within the movie, it brought tears to the audience. Not for the sole reason of almost carrying the risk of dying, but it’s because even if they did fail that run, their effort can never be put into comparison. This alone makes for a passionate story where people can really feel sympathetic for what the Jamaican participants had to endure.

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