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Gideon’s Trumpet

University/College: University of Arkansas System
Date: October 25, 2017
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Gideon’s Trumpet

In the movie “Godson’s Trumpet”, Clarence Earl Gideon was tried for a crime he didn’t commit. When he was in court he wasn’t given a lawyer even though he wanted one. This movie relates to the study of the Constitution and the amendments because it shows the due process of law, that everyone is equal under the law, the right to an attorney, and change of venue. First, due process of law is stated In the 5th amendment. Due process of law Is basically a specific procedure one must go through in a trial. Due process of law prohibits the loss of life, liberty, or prosperity.

In this movie, Gideon was arrested, had a trial, and then was Incarcerated. Secondly, everyone Is equal under the law Is a concept of the 14th amendment. It Is called the equal protection clause. The equal protection clause basically says that the states have to treat everyone equal under the law. In the movie, this clause came to effect when Gideon went to Abe Formats to appeal his case. Abe Formats used this clause to show that an average man needs a lawyer, not Just an Illiterate, disabled, or handicapped man. Third, the right to an attorney Is not exactly written In the constitution.

It comes from the 6th and 14th amendment. It pretty much goes like this: a state is required to give a defendant a lawyer if the defendant isn’t able to afford one. Gideon fought for this right. With the helped of Abe Formats, Gideon was able to appeal this to the Supreme Court. He won with a vote of 9-0. The result of this appeal is that Gideon was given another trial. He was given a lawyer, and was found not-guilty. Finally, change of venue is in the 6th amendment. Change of venue is where the defendant feels that he or she won’t get a fair trial in the place that the defendant is in now.

After Gideon was given a new trial, he wanted a change of menu because he felt that he won’t get a fair trial in the place he was in. He felt that way because Gideon would be given the same Judge and same type of people on the jury. However, Gideon never got a change of venue. In conclusion, “Godson’s Trumpet” related to the Constitution and the amendments because it shows the due process of law which is in the 5th amendment, everyone is equal under the law which is in the 14th amendment, the right to an attorney which Gideon fought for, and comes from the 6th and 14th amendment, and change of venue which is stated in the 6th amendment.

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