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Annotated Bibliography Writing

When performing an academic assignment, one of the most important aspects is to make sure the annotated bibliography is written accurately and clearly. And we can help you with the citation for any type of your paper!

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When performing an academic assignment, one of the most important aspects is to make sure the annotated bibliography is written accurately and clearly. This is a list of citations to all the sources of information used in the paper including books, articles, internet sources, scholarly articles, magazines, newspapers, documents, etc. As a rule, every citation in an academic writing is to backed with short, around one-hundred-and-fifty-words’ descriptions, or otherwise referred to as evaluative paragraphs. These are annotations. And the purpose of both the annotation and its bibliography is to assure the reader of the quality, accuracy, as well as the relevance of every information source used in the paper.


Annotations Vs. Abstracts

Quite often, when writing an academic essay, students mix annotations with abstracts. To fulfil a correct annotated bibliography writing, it’s crucial to understand the difference between these two parts of writing. If abstracts are merely descriptive summaries put at the beginning or in the periodical indexes of an article, annotations have a critical nature. They are descriptive, too, but not of the entire paper or the thesis statement or PhD thesis, but of the writer’s clarity, authority, and the expression appropriateness.


Useful Tips for Creating a Quality Annotated Bibliography

Before supplying you with annotated bibliography writing tips, we ought to remind you that for creating this, you must apply a diversity of intellectual skills. The major skills you should have for completing this task are informed library research, succinct analysis, and concise exposition.

So, here is a brief guideline on how you can create an efficient annotated bibliography.

Locate and note citations to any sources that may provide you with crucial information and useful ideas on the topic assigned. This can be books, documents, periodicals, etc.

Concisely examine and review all the actual items.

Pick up particularly those works and dissertations that can supply you with a diversity of perspectives in adherence to your topic.

Cite the information source (book, document, etc.) using the citation style that your annotated bibliography requires.

Prepare a brief annotation summarizing the focal theme and scope of every source of information. For this, write a couple of sentences:

  • evaluating the background (perhaps the authority) of the author;
  • commenting on the target audience;
  • comparing the source to another that you cited in the same paper;
  • explaining how the work can illustrate the topic of the bibliography.

Topics of Annotated Bibliography Essays

As a rule, there aren’t any fixed topics of annotated bibliography essay. If a student prefers to place this part of the work right at the beginning of the work, it means he had the freedom to choose the particular topic for his work. And the title of the work in such cases can be replaced with a more original and interesting one. According to the statistics, the most frequently used ideas for an assignment and annotated bibliography writing topics are the followings:

  • Education as a career;
  • Management and the current financial crisis;
  • Most efficient ways to prevent pollution;
  • How drugs affect physical and mental health;
  • The role of education in the global arena;
  • Preventive effective means of struggling against drug abuse.
  • When addressing to a reputable annotated bibliography writing service with any of the following or other topics, you are sure to get a wonderful result back.


Entrusting the Work to an Essay Writing Service

If you still can’t make out how to create an authentic annotated bibliography, there is no need to torture yourself. Among the variety of annotated bibliography writing services, you are sure to find a perfect one to meet your requirements. For instance, Writing Peak is the essay writing service, which is sure to meet any anticipation you have. It provides such guarantees to all its customers, as are the followings:

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