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Best Admission Essay Writing Service

A mandatory part of an application to a college or a university is presenting an admission essay. This is the applicant's best opportunity to tell who he is and why he is worth being admitted to particularly that establishment. We shall give you crucial recommendations on how you can complete a superb paper on your own! Stay tuned and find out so much more!

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Surely, all aspects of university application are important, but everything will be in vain if you don’t provide the admission committee with an impressive piece of writing. Besides, there will definitely be multiple other applicants with the same GPA, almost similar transcripts and even with identical extracurricular activities. What do you think, which part of your admission is sure to make you stand out? Definitely, the essay! If you succeed in presenting it and impressing the admission committee, it can pave you the way to not only a place under the roof of the university you dream to study in but also to students’ scholarships, grants and other significant financial aids you may need so much! So, it becomes obvious that investing time, efforts and sometimes funds (if you decide to apply for admission essay writing help) in creating the best possible essay is sure to pay rich dividends!

After comprehending all this, students start seeking ways of getting good admission essays. Most of them search down the web in order to find the best admission essay writing service UK they can trust while others seek help within their acquaintances. However, the admission essay help students get from doubtful services is not always what they expected. This is really sad as poor students have only one chance to admit their application essays and wasting it on an unreliable service can have pernicious results for them.

So, before we explain why it’s beneficial to apply to our service with a “help me write an admission essay” request, we find it expedient to give you a general overview on such an academic assignment as “admission essay”.


Admission Essay Definition

An admission essay, which is also referred to as an application essay, a personal statement or a statement of purpose, is actually a written assignment, which a prospective student, applying to a university or a college, is to complete and submit with his documents. When compared to other essay works assigned during your study at high school, an essay for admission has few differences except for the length (must be up to 650 words) and the privilege of a free topic. However, despite the latter, this type of writing has to be about the applicant. It should reveal the best in you, those qualities of you, which can help you stand out from the vast majority of other applicants. Once other qualities of college applicants are on an equal level, the admission essay becomes the deciding factor. Moreover, if many colleges take applicants’ grades, admission test scores and their strength of curriculum as the top factors when admitting them, there are plenty of other respectable colleges and universities, which believe that an admission essay has a moderate, and even considerable importance when the time comes to determine particularly which academically qualified applicants are to become their students. In all cases, a well-written and captivating application essay has the power to tip the balance for a marginal applicant.

The best admission essay, in the opinion of college admission officers, must provide them with an evidence that the applicant is able to write well and support his ideas with logical arguments. Besides this, they get an idea about the personality of the applicant through not only the content of the essay but also through the applicant’s writing style. Generally, experienced admission officers are able to feel the sense of humour, the level of intelligence and the character of an applicant through his work. Quite often, they get thrilled by the applicant’s certain qualities and admit him even if his grades might be lower than those of others. On the other hand, there are multiple cases when a well-studying applicant with high grades and good admission test results appears to be an uninteresting personality, with no passion or drive in him. And believe, there are colleges which prefer to have bright students with lower grades than dull ones with high grades.

And finally, before applying to a college or university, remember to ask its representative about the role of an admission essay at that establishment. If at some colleges admission essays are used to determine fit, at others this is only a means of getting assured the applicant can do the work.

So, you see how important it is to know what your admission should look like, what you’d better include and what’s better to avoid. Particularly, for this reason, we shall discuss the correct structure of this assignment.


Admission Essay Structure

Writing an admission essay is equally a discipline and an art. If you want to get assured your work has a good flow and makes sense, you’d better construct a solid outline before starting to write it. If not adhered to the fixed and well-thought structure, your admission essay will have all the reasons to be ineffective and a mere rambling.

So, besides sticking to the main college admission essay requirements, you are also to stick to the fixed structure:

  • Introduction

Like in any writing, an application essay must begin with an introduction. Additionally, it must make sense on its own, too. All the ideas included here must have a logical flow and the same sequence as the main points you will later include in the body paragraphs. And the introductory part of your admission essay must conclude with an insightful thought or image. The rest of the work, in its turn, must reinforce that final statement.

  • Body

Next comes the body. In contrast to an ordinary essay, an admission essay doesn’t have to be composed of three body paragraphs. Just make certain the length of the entire work doesn’t exceed 650 words. The body part of your work here should reveal certain experiences, events, or activities you have had in life and would like to share with the admission committee. Organize the events either in the order of importance (from the least important to the most important or vice versa) or in the chronological order. Your admission officers should never view your work as a piece of writing with randomly chosen paragraphs, cause this won’t play to your benefit. It’s so crucial to make certain why one point in the work follows another. Not only all the points included in the work must coincide with the general topic you have selected, but also with each other. Every sub-category must be linked to the main category, every main category, meanwhile, must be linked to the thesis stated in the introduction.

  • Conclusion

And finally, end the paper with a strong conclusion. The admission committee member should be impressed with what outcomes you came to as a result of the experience or event you described in your work. Be precise, don’t exaggerate and don’t waffle, it’s already the conclusion which shouldn’t be longer than the body. And make certain the meaning it conveys corresponds to that you stated in the introduction.
Now when you already know what an admission essay is and how it must be structured, it’s high time to turn to the major types of college admission essays.


Types of Admission Essay

Generally, we don’t distinguish many types of admission essays, yet now we shall address to college and university admission essays separately. Use the recommendations stated here and you will be a success!

University Admission Essay

When writing an essay for admission to the university, there are three college admission essay questions that may determine the type of work you have to complete. So, here there are:

  • The “You” Question

This question comes down to exploring the applicant. It means you should tell the admission committee about yourself, introduce yourself from the best point of view not forgetting to mention about any merits you have that may affect the committee’s decision.
The main advantage of this application essay type is that it allows students to appear in a better light than his test scores and grades. The danger, meanwhile, is the widespread examples of essays students use. Many applicants don’t manage to be original when preparing a “You” admission essay. To avoid this, there are some tips you can adhere to. The latter include focusing on only a couple of things while avoiding the urge to spill everything you have in mind at once; developing a single small event, feeling, or person while including much narrative and specifics (forget about transferring your resume into a paragraph form); telling a story that only you can tell and nobody else.

  • The “Why Us” Question

There are universities which are more interested in the reasons that drove the particular applicant to their doors, rather than his life story. In such cases, they require “why us” application essays that reveal the applicant’s goals, as well as how serious he approaches his studying in that particular university.
The main advantage of this admission essay type is that it provides a focus for the work and the answer is more or less clear.
However, this type of essay has its downsides, either. For instance, if a student makes an error here, admission officers will easily reveal he hasn’t thought deeply enough about the choice of the university. To avoid such unfavourable conditions, make absolutely sure you know your subject well. Besides, do never start flattering the admission officers as you should sound sincere but never ingratiating.

  • The “Creative” Question

And finally, the last admission essay question refers to the creativity of the applicant. The purpose of this type of assignment is to evaluate the applicant’s capability to think and write creatively. This way the officers can assess the level of the student’s education and knowledge.
The major advantage of this essay type is that students get the chance to reveal their personalities and their views, their most outrageous imagination. However, once you overdo with this freedom, you may appear obscure, undisciplined or even pretentious. Hence, make sure you don’t go too far!
Here we can advise you to make the essay an informed one, use common sense with no eccentricity and self-indulgence.

College Admission Essay

Writing a college admission essay is where students experience the highest stress as it’s particularly here where students can make irrevocable mistakes. Surely, a college admission essay is not a rocket science, yet there are certain rules to adhere to so that you have a satisfying final result. Remember, that quite often this writing assignment can have a determining power.

So, to complete an accurate and a compelling essay thus gaining an admission to your preferred college, follow the below-mentioned several tips:

Don’t make the writing an essay for college admission the repetition of your resume. Use this form to reveal something about yourself which can’t be found anywhere else. So, put your resume aside and write about something that shows another dimension of your personality or your life.
Additionally, don’t rush to write about anything that comes to mind the first. Instead, dig a bit deeper and find a really meaningful topic.

Show up a slice of your life, only a slice! Sometimes students get so much excited when writing, that they get distracted and want to convey as much as possible within the frame of 650 words. Don’t be one of them. Be descriptive only about one case of your life, a single event that had an influence on your worldview, or which you are sure will interest the admission committee members.

By all means, avoid copy-pasting. We understand that it’s difficult to prepare an admission essay college for each of the establishments you have applied to. Don’t do this even if you have planned to apply to a dozen colleges! Tailor a supplemental essay for each of the colleges you want to be admitted to. Take the necessary time to write original pieces of responses to all their prompts and be sure, your efforts will be paid off in the end!

When preparing to write a college essay admission, use exceptionally your language and your voice. All those complex sentence structures that may help you sound sophisticated will also make you appear fake. The pursuit to impress college admission committee members shouldn’t be a reason to lose your genuine voice. Just write the essay exactly how you speak, surely minding the proper grammar and spelling, as well as avoiding any jargon or inappropriate speech.

No matter which university or college you are applying to, an admission essay is an aspect to pay special attention to. So that you can make sure this key component will make the necessary impression on the admission committee members, rely it on a professional with years of experience and deep knowledge what a perfect college or university application essay should look like. If you seek help, you are in the right destination, no searching further is required. We are ready and committed to completing one of the most impressive and attractive application works especially for you right away. The best admission essay service is at your full disposal!

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